The five biggest mistakes made by sugar daddies!

The trend of old sugar daddies who prefer to date young and gorgeous girls is growing. Keeping this in mind, the sugar daddy websites have been designed. Not only do the men look for girls, but there are also many girls out there who are looking for sugar daddies to take care of them by showering their money on them while they pay back by keeping them entertained and sexually fulfilling their desires. Although the sugar relationships are very sweet, the sugar daddies tend to make a lot of mistakes. The following is a list of the things a sugar daddy should avoid while dating sugar babies:

  • 1. Avoiding sex at the start of a relationship to prove you’re a good person.

    A lot of sugar daddies set up terms and conditions with their sugar babies before getting physical with them. Some even pretend to be good by not having it at the start of the relationship. This is a huge mistake. This is because if having sex for you is a big part of the relationship, not trying for the first time would be a risk. By this, you would not be sure if she can satisfy, and there is also a possibility that you lose her later because she would find it negative that you didn't do at first when this was the primary intention for the relationship.

  • 2. Not setting all the terms and conditions before beginning the relationship.

    The initial stage of any relationship is the most critical stage since all the parameters are set during this time. So, if your sugar baby hasn't spoken about the allowance in the starting, it is maybe because she doesn't know how to say it. And yes, it doesn't mean that she is looking forward to allowance, so do not take it negatively as well. Talk it out with her and fulfill her needs as well since she is doing that for you as well. You both know exactly why you started a relationship like this. So, make sure the terms and conditions are set at the beginning. Otherwise, sugar babies tend to back-off later on when things get tough on them or if they are not getting what they need. The relationship gets full of drama and games, which is what you actually wanted to avoid when you planned to get into this kind of relationship.

  • 3. Avoiding to ask if they something often.

    When you find a person from the sugar daddy sites, being the sugar daddy make sure to ask the sugar baby if they need anything now and then. Otherwise, you would end up losing a sugar baby in the end. This will lead to a loss if you are looking for a long term relationship. Every sugar babies expect you to help them with all their needs in various ways. So, you would need to clarify this like her tuition fee, take her shopping, her pocket money, etc.

  • 4. Not being clear about what you really want from the sugar baby.

    The girls cannot read your mind! So, if you are expecting something from them in the bedroom, you would need to let them know about it. If all you expect is for her to fulfill your sexual desires, tell her! And even if all you want is just her time and company, let her know that. It is imperative in a sugar relationship.

  • 5. Introducing her to your family and friends, letting them know she is your SUGAR BABY.

    Yes, sugar babies do need to make connections and expect you to help her with her career. But introducing her as your sugar baby to all your connections and your family isn't a smart thing. It is not a bad point, it still isn't something which is smart to do. It just reduces your respect in some people, or people might even try to misuse her and make a distance between you both.

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