The basic protocol for dating a married sugar daddy!

A lot of young girls out there find their confidante in a sugar daddy. Are you one of the sugar babies? Usually, the sugar daddies are already taken which means that they are already married. However, you can still be his favorite by following some basic protocols that can help you gain the lost confidence in them and be his adoring baby. This would, in turn, help you receive a regular allowance to pay tuition fees or shopping bills for you.

You Know that He is Married – He is a person who is confident, highly successful, super rich and married as well. Since you already know about his marital status, you should keep it in mind that his family would always be his top priority. Along with this, he might just want to be your sugar daddy to escape from the daily family routine and drama. Hence, you need to highly presentable and you should avoid considering yourself as an option for him. But remember, you are not his wife and probably would never be, so keep the rules in mind before dating someone who is married.

Don't be a Flip-Flopper – If you are new to this as in an amateur in this sugar baby and sugar daddy world, you might find the starting six months highly frustrating. Make sure you do not change the rule or flip-flop anything that you agreed on before getting into the relationship with a married sugar daddy through the sugar daddy sites. Every relationship takes time to settle, and it does settle after compromising and understanding each other and their needs. You would need to be patient and avoid tempting your sugar daddy by breaking the rules of the rule book.

Why Married Man – Usually, the sugar daddies are married men rather than single men in the sugar daddy websites you look into. This is because they are just missing the spark in their married life with their wives. What you need to do is fill in those gaps and become a real sugar baby to make him feel out of the world. Make his life fun and exciting. Try to get back all the lost excitement through your relationship and that would make you his someone special. This would get him to be all about you and would help him shower enough of love on you with whatever you want.

You just need to pretend to be his wife and provide him with all the things his wife would have provided with by being a perfect sugar baby. Do all the things a wife does in situations like going out for dinners, attending late night parties, visiting clubs and so on. Do those things that would never get them exhausted even after a very long working day so that the relationship is still great and sustained.

No Drama – You are a sugar baby who everyone would want in their life, which is why he choose you from the sugar daddy site. Try to be what you are and do not be impatient about things. Do not keep calling him every time and be the first one to call all the time. Let him call you and if he doesn't call you for days, do not lose hope and break down. He is a highly successful person, and he has got his work and meetings which are his priority before anything else. Try to be understanding and a better confidante, where there is no room for drama. Do not frustrate him, since he is with you because he gets enough of frustration from his actual life and he doesn't need more of it. If he has any issues at home, instead of increasing the pain, try and listen to him and help him out as a friend by solving the problems.

In the end, being a sugar baby and dating a married person is not very easy. You do not only have to bring back the charm in his life, but would also need to be his best friend and understand his requirements. Once he understands and realizes that you are the one to keep him from falling apart and are rejuvenating his terribly boring life with fun and temptation, you have won the game. Be the Goddess for him and make the sugar daddy dating relationship something every married man hopes for which is ideal and interesting to live.

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